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How's the Daily Life of a Poker Pro?

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Poker professionals have so much freedom. They can play the game that they love wherever and whenever they like and can make plenty of money by doing so. It really sounds like an ideal career for those with developed poker playing skills or who love the game. What do professionals get up to all day, however, where do they go to play the game and how do they earn enough to live on when there are times that they might lose. This article considers how to make professional poker playing work. 

What does a typical day involve? 

There really is a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing your working hours, but the professional poker players really do need to be smart about when they work. Some, for instance, like to play live games or tournaments so these players will often put in most of their hours at the weekend when games are good. Some players like to treat the poker playing like a 9-5 job and so will play online during these hours. Some choose to play when they feel up to it, however, I would advise against this. Players really need to find a schedule that works for them to ensure they keep the money rolling in. 

Is it all just playing poker? 

Whilst there is plenty of money to be made in poker games, there is also the opportunity for poker players with personality to make money through streaming videos. Twitch is a streaming service that allows players to broadcast some great poker moments in the hope of engaging a community of other poker players and perhaps make some extra money through advertising or even sponsorship deals. Professional players making a good living also claim that they regularly work on their poker skills. They ensure that they spend a good amount of time studying the game, reading forums to find out what is happening with other players and finding out where the good games are. It seems that making money is not all about playing, adding in some creativity and research skills can give a real boost to earning potential. 

It's not all about winning 

Professional poker players really need to be able to maintain a cool head, as explained in this interview. Every game they play isn't going to end in a win, and it is essential that players develop a strategy to cope with this. It is estimated that even the best poker players will only win 20% of the time, that means 80% of the time they will be walking away with nothing, as a loser. This can be hard for players to take and players are often faced with incredible lows. To get through them they need to be tough and find ways to carry themselves through to their next win. 

They need nerves of steel 

Not only can losses be tough when it comes to the emotional well-being of players, it can also play havoc on the nerves. A loss can be huge; players can lose money that accounts for earnings for a week or even a month in one game. This can be incredibly stressful and be difficult to come back from. Not only do they face these losses, however, but they have to play the game where they know they are risking so much money without letting their nerves show to their opponents. This can take a huge toll on the body, playing poker professionally really isn't for those who scare easily. 

It seems that professional poker players have a life of freedom and earn a very decent living. This can come at a cost when considered alongside the pitfalls of the danger of risk and of loss. Those with the strength to overcome and a love of the game, however, really can make a worthwhile career out of their favourite past time.

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