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Texas Hold’em Odds and Probability

Interested in the probability behind Poker? Looking at the below graphic from Betfair Casino, we thought we’d share their excellent Texas Hold’em guide to give you an understandable breakdown of the probabilities and odds involved in the game.

These are well worth bearing in mind next time you’re playing the game. One of the most interesting statistics is that the odds of getting any one combination of cards - be it 2 of Hearts and the 3 of Clubs, or a pair of Aces, is 0.45%. So if you’re holding out for a spectacular hand before you play the game, you may be waiting an awfully long time before this happens.

Then again, if all you’re after is a pocket pair, you have a slightly better chance, as on average, you’re likely to get one in every 17 hands that you’re dealt. Pocket pairs are great because, while the odds of getting a pair at all is about 1.28:1, the odds of a Full House and Three of a Kind are a good deal longer. So starting with two cards gives you at least a decent hand before you even see the flop.

For more odds and probabilities in Texas Hold’em poker, we recommend that you check out and study this handy graphic from Betfair:

Texas Hold’em Odds and Probability

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